Step 3: Apply

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Submit the Online Application

Have a CalCareer Account ? Check.

Meet Minimum Qualifications ? Check.

Passed the Eligibility Exam ? Check.

If you can check off all of the above, you can now submit your application to become a Health Facilities Evaluator Nurse (HFEN). 


First, make sure you are already logged onto your CalCareer Account.

Then, submit an application for each of your desired locations by simply selecting a District Office from the drop down list below, and it will automatically link you straight to the application page.


Start the application by filling out the Template (STD. 678), then use the template to complete the rest of the application and click submit.

Follow a step-by-step tutorial to complete your application.

Select Location :

If you are unable to access the drop down box, click your District Office below to access the application:

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